Raskal Og (Indoor)

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Cindy 99 (Green House)

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Dream Cookies (Green House)

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Circus Cookies (Indoor)

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KRAVE Extracts Bottom Shelf

Blue Dream and Afghan Kush Available

Brass Knuckle Cartridges

Assorted Strains Full Gram Cartridges State of the Art


Dose Pens Best Invention Voted By TIMES Magazine

Kushy Vapes

Assorted Flavors

The O. ne Pen

Indica Sativa and Hybrid


Trokies 120mg

Indica and Sativa Available

Therabis for PETS 5pk.

Calm Quiet Stop the Itch or Up and Moving 3 Ways to help Mans BEST FRIEND

Kushie Brand Gummys 320mg

320mg packs Assorted Flavors

180mg Bhang Bars Assorted Flavors

cookies n cream Ice Peppermint

120mg Bhang Bar Assorted Flavors

Pretzel Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate

Day Dreamers 180mg Chocolate Bars

180mg Sativa and Indica Available

Hashman 200mg Tinctures

sativa and indica available

Hashman Infused 2pk 60mg Capsules

Sativa and Indica Available

Kiva Chocolates Assorted Flavors 180mg

tangerine blackberry vanilla chai irish mint

Kushy Punch Gummy

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Sensi Chews

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Cannabis Quenchers

Grape Cherry Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade

Strickly Edibles DONUTS 300mg

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Moon Walk 500mg

syrup drink mix

RE-UPS 100mg Shots

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High Gorgeous Beauty Products

Bubble BATH, Lotions, Chap Stixs, and More! CALL FOR PRICES

The Lit Kit by Kush Queen

Bath Bomb, Joint, and Chocolate

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Canna-Bud Vortex Farms Healing Cream

Healing Cream for Pain CBD INFUSED

Pre Roll

Fire Stix

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House Cones

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Cavi Cones

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