Assorted Kushy Punch Edibles

We use high grade gelatin leaf, natural flavor extracts, and essential oils. No powdered gelatin, cornstarch, or artificial flavoring is ever used, bringing you an award-winning premium cannabis edible.

Flavor availability may vary. Please contact driver for specifics.

Sativa - 100mg THC/25mg per gummy.
Stimulates Energy, Uplifting Cerebral Effect, Promotes Creativity and Focus, Fights Depression

Indica - 100mg THC/25mg per Gummy
Increased Appetite, Deep Relaxation, Sleep Aid, Body Resting, Pain, Nausea, Stress, and Anxiety Relief

Hybrid - 100mg THC/25mg per gummy.
Indica + Sativa. Body Resting, Deep Relaxation, Uplifting Cerebral Effect, Fights Depression, Promotes Mind/Body Balance

CBD - 60mg CBD/15mg per Gummy.
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Pain, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Psychotic, Anti-Spasm Relief

Recover - 60mg THC/30mg CBD per box.
CBD+THC. Clarity and Focus, Improves mood, Reduces Social Anxiety

TKO - 200mg THC/50mg per gummy.
High Dosage THC, Best for High-Tolerance users, Severe Pain Relief

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